Leather Care, Leather Restoration, Leather Protection....


The truth about leather care

Well some might say we know a fair bit about leather and keeping it clean and in great condition at Leather Solutions Yorkshire.

In the past 30 years we've seen several home remedies and "professional" leather specialists release products claiming to be the best.

The truth is home remedies and chemical based products actually damage the leather and shorten the life span of your leather goods.


The care plan is simple

Leather Solutions Yorkshire is a family run business with over 30 years experience.

We operate in Hull Beverley Doncaster and surrounding areas offering leather restoration.

By following our leather care plan you will greatly prolong the life of your leather and reduce the chances of staining, damage through wear, as well as colour loss from direct sunlight. 

So your probably sat reading this thinking it involves a lot of hard work it doesn't!

Spring Summer Autumn Winter... The Four Seasons?

We strongly recommend cleaning and conditioning your leather goods four times a year at the start of each season.

Easy to remember, and don't forget...

Only use the cleaning products supplied with your leather goods or buy a professional cleaning kit from a leather specialist with experience.


Our leather care kit

Now your probably thinking we are going to say our leather restoration/leather care products are the best on the market? 

Well....it is one of the best on the market probably the best priced too! 

The point is we use the products everyday ourselves so they must be good,otherwise we wouldn't be in business.

Our kits come with full instructions and telephone support if we required.

All our kits are made in the UK and are safe to use as instructed. Prices start from £19.95 next day delivery inclusive.

If you'd prefer us to visit your home to clean and condition your sofa give us a call for pricing.