The term ‘Chesterfield’, in relation to furniture, is an ambiguous term at best. In Canada and parts of the US, ‘Chesterfield’ is often used to simply refer to a 3 seater sofa one might find in any average living room. In the UK however, the term is used to describe a certain style of leather sofa, first coined by the 4th Earl of Chesterfield in the eighteenth century. The typical Chesterfield sofa has leather quilted padding on the back and sides.

Here at Leather Solutions Yorkshire, we understand that these sofas are often antiques, sometimes family heirlooms, and must be treat with absolute care when working on repairing or resting them. You can trust us to only use approved methods of restoration on your sofa, our upholsterers have many year of experience in working with these stunning and unique pieces of furniture.

Leather Solutions Yorkshire can do a range of things to improve your chesterfield – we can replace the leather panels, creating interesting effects with partial colour replacements, or we can carry out complete colour changes. Chesterfield restoration and leather restoration is our specialist subject. Whatever you desire, we will be happy to work on your Chesterfield sofa. We work in Doncaster Hull Beverley and surrounding areas.

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