Leather Under The Microscope...

What is a leather assessment?

Leather Solutions Yorkshire takes pride in moving with the times and investing in the latest leather technology and repair procedures. Leather restoration in Beverley Hull Doncaster and surrounding areas.

For several years we have carried out leather assessments based on a visual inspection with the naked eye and our wealth of experience in the trade to decide the best method of repair or restoration for your furniture.

Sometimes due to changes in leather manufacturing surface coatings can mask problems not visible by the human eye extending the repair or restoration process along with increasing the price.

To continue offering the best price and repair practices in the leather repair industry we have invested in the latest digital microscope systems to improve the services we offer the customer.

Prior to any work been carried out we have implemented a leather assessment under the microscope process as standard to ensure a more accurate repair time and cost is given at the time of quoting.

The Leather Assessment process is also available as part of any inspection report we do for the purposes of manufacturing defects or insurance claims.

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